How-To Videos / Decal Installation

Tools you may need for decal installation:

Squeegee: For applying decals and removing bubbles.

Glass cleaner: For cleaning and sometimes lubricating surfaces.

Paper towels: For wiping the surface clean and dry.

Masking tape: For positioning decals in place for application.

Ruler or tape measure: For centering and leveling decals.

X-Acto Knife / Razor blade: For trimming scrap, seams or edges.

Heat Gun / Hair Dryer: Used to help stretch vinyls around complex contours.

Application Tools Glass Cleaner X-acto Knife Tape

Applying Small Size Decals

Applying Medium Size Decals

Applying Vinyl Body Graphics Kits

Applying Roll Call Logo Kits

Applying Clear Paint Protection Film

Applying Windshield Decals

Applying Windshield Visor Strips

Applying Smoked Head / Tail Light Film

Applying Blue Head / Tail Light Film

Applying Red Head / Tail Light Film

Applying Yellow Head / Tail Light Film

Heat Wrapping Vinyl Films

Removing Small Size Decals

Removing Medium Size Decals

Removing Vinyl Body Graphics Kits

Removing Roll Call Logo Kits

Removing Clear Paint Protection Film

Removing Windshield Decals

Removing Windshield Visor Strips

Removing Head / Tail Light Film

Joining Carbon Fiber Vinyl Pieces