Measuring Help

Tools you will need:

• Ruler: For measuring small areas for decal placement. This is all you need to determine the size to order!

• Tape measure: For measuring large areas for decals such as side graphics kits or hood graphics. You may also need a second person to hold one end for you!

Basic measuring help

Most of our measurements go by width. A lot of people confuse this with height. To clear this up so there are no mix-ups, the width measurement is the same as length (left to right). The height is from the top to bottom. You will notice that our ordering procedures require a width/length measurement, please remember to measure width/length left to right. Other product pages may require a height measurement. The height is the measurement from the highest point to the lowest point, from top to bottom.

Side graphics kits

Measuring for side graphics is easy! All you need to do is choose a design from our selection. Examine the graphic in the picture. Make note of where it begins near the front of the vehicle and where it ends toward the rear. These 2 points will be where you measure from on your vehicle. That length will be required when ordering, NOT the vehicles length. We do not need a height measurement, it will be kept in proportion with the selected length.

Note: You can order graphics to be smaller or larger than the designs seen in the pictures. Trimming may be required. Use your best judgement to decide what size will work for you.

Hood graphics

We have made this easy for you. On each of our hood graphics images we have put 2 green stars. The distance between them is the size you will want to provide us with when ordering. Bring a tape measure out to your vehicle and measure the hood where you would want the graphic to be based on the location of the green stars in the picture.

Racing stripes

With a measuring tape or yard stick, measure the total length of stripe(s) needed to cover front bumper, hood, roof, trunk and rear. Only measure the areas you plan to put stripe(s) on. Its always smart to order extra as indents use up more vinyl.

To select the proper width stripes for your application, take your measuring tool and estimate the width of the stripes and visualize it on the hood of your vehicle. Laying down pieces of paper on the hood to judge the proper width also works!

Windshield decals

Windshield visor strips:
From the top center of the windshield, measure down 6-8 inches. At that point, measure the glass from left to right. This will be the measurement you submit to us when ordering.

Windshield Visor Strip Decal Measurement Size

Windshield lettering / logos:

From the top center of the windshield, measure down about 4 inches. Then measure left to right to determine the width you want the decal. We recommend leaving at a 2-4 inch margin on each side from the edge of the glass so the decal doesn’t look too cramped.

Windshield Lettering Logo Decal Measurement Size

Motorcycle graphics kits

Motorcycle graphics require NO MEASURING! All of our motorcycle graphics kits are universal “trim to fit” applications. In other words, you position the graphics on your bike then trim the remaining scrap off during installation. Its that simple!